Yoga Content: “No Pain No Yoga”

From Tarik Thami, yoga teacher in Tokyo:

“No Pain, no Yoga” Sri K Pattabhi Jois

On pain, Injuries, suffering and a few more things…

Maybe that was the best answer Guruji came up with, over the years, when students kept complaining about their “pain”.

If we consider practice as a mirror of our life, we all know that life without pain is not real and you can only avoid it for so long. Many times, avoiding the inevitable will transform that minor body “pain” into a major life suffering. Practice is not a tool to create your ideal pretend, imaginary world or the image that “you” want to see. Good and bad, pain and pleasure, are different sides of the same coin of “All is Coming.”

Read the whole thing here.

Yoga Content: Ashtanga Video Selection

From David W.
“Hope you find some interesting material and inspiration in these, I did!”
Geometries | Ashtanga Yoga Demo by Laruga Glaser
Ashtanga Yoga – Third Series Demonstration with Laruga Glaser
Into the Sun | Ashtanga Yoga Demo | Ty Landrum

The Flow of Breath | Uncut & Explained | Ty Landrum

Sutra Discussion Group Sunday September 24

NOTE: this sutra discussion is postponed due to Ram being sick with the flu. Will post new date as soon as we have one. 

We will be back with our monthly discussion on Sunday September 24 at 10:00 at Karen’s house, 336 W Dana St, 94041, until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

We plan to discuss sutra 2.22.

2.22 says:

For the liberated one, the Seen ceases to be manifest yet continues to manifest for those still in bondage.

Car for Kirsten and Mitchell

Hi all,

Kirsten and Mitchell are situated with a place to stay while they are here 9/24 to 11/2 or thereabouts, but they still are in need of a car to use. There is a chance of some Rolfing from Mitchell in exchange…..

If you can help, and you don’t know how to contact them,  message me and I can put you in touch with them.


Pushpam 3

Pushpam 3 is here, thanks to Claire, for bringing them back. 10 dollars for the issue. You can get one from me Wednesday, if you want one sooner message me and I’ll leave you a copy in the office tomorrow morning. The theme of this issue is suffering.


I also have a few copies of Pushpam 2 still available, also 10 dollars, if you didn’t get a copy of that. I am putting the last copy of Pushpam 1 in the library so you can check it out if you want to read it.


For those who haven’t heard of it Pushpam, more about it here.