Intro to Mysore Workshop Next Sunday, Feb 12th

A week from today (2/12/17) I will teach an Intro to Mysore workshop. In it we talk about what Mysore is and do a short introductory practice. It serves as an excellent bridge to attending a Mysore class, and also a chance for already practicing folks to get a better sense of the intentions behind the practice, and the history.

Registration and information are here.

While this workshop is designed for students new to the practice, if you are already a monthly member and have not had a chance to attend, you are welcome to join us/ audit the class. If you can’t make it this time, we usually offer this workshop¬†2-3 times per year so you can catch it another time. ¬†It is always nice to have different perspectives there on how it feels to practice in the beginning and over time.

Feel free to pass this information to anyone you know that is curious about Mysore or might enjoy this workshop.


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