Yoga Content: Tias Little

Leila today in class recommended Tias Little’s book Yoga of the Subtle Body

Each chapter focuses on one of the eight key energetic/anatomy centers of the body: feet/base, pelvis, sacrum, belly, diaphragm, heart/lungs, throat, and crown. The book is organized literally from the ground up, and figuratively from physically basic to conceptual/subtle. Each chapter has a list of poses for activating and applying the lessons, guided meditations, and excerpts from yogic texts. These practical exercises allow readers to immediately integrate the chapter’s lessons into their practice.

Yoga Content: Firooza Ravzi Interview

Great interview of Firooza Ravzi, a long time Iyengar student.

Money quote:

Every moment with Guruji was special.   There were so many lessons in asana.  One, which strengthened my standing poses, is where he taught me how the space between the big toe and the mound under the toe is the brain in standing poses.  What a difference that made! 

But more than just the instruction, he taught me that sirsasana brings centering and focus, standing poses make me grounded, that sarvangasana gets me tuned to myself, urdhva dhanurasana can make me feel elated, savasana can help me go beyond bodily limits, and that the breath is not limited in any way by the shape and size of the body!

Hat tip: Satish

Guruji’s Birthday and Guru Purnima

Hello all,

Today is an auspicious day. The full moon in July is both the day we celebrate our teachers (Guru Purnima), it is also the day that in 1915 Sri K Pattabhi Jois was born, and the day we would traditionally celebrate his birthday. If you would like to bring some flowers tomorrow morning, feel free to join us in remembering his life and all he did to pass on this wonderful practices.

Yoga Content: Dainuri’s thoughts

I find it wonderful to practice with the YIY Ashtanga community at the lead Primary Series class on Fridays.
Also like a time traveler from a different era since most of the practitioners are younger than my sons just turned 40 and 42.
In that 1960’s era I went through basic training in the military and being idealistic, I saw this kind of training as a potential crucible for spiritual growth and self mastery.
It did work out that way and the closest thing to my ideal vision of the training is practicing Ashtanga in community.   The lead part and the neat rows of practitioners all working together are inspiring and energizing and for me.  And all the more poignant because of my sense that each practice period has a number and yes, the numbers will run out.
The youth, energy and sincerity of this community, all growing real time present self mastery touches my heart and inspires me to go deeper into detail: the details of breath, bodily awareness, and the magic of practice.
We are all ever so lucky and I feel I am the luckiest time traveler of all.



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