Interest in Pushpam the magazine

Hi all,

I wanted to gage interest in stocking Pushpam, it is a magazine put out by one of my teachers in the UK.

Here’s more about the magazine:

A bit similar to Namarupa, that is meant be a magazine about yoga,  as in the mental practice, not just the asana practice, with one of their guiding principles that they will not focus on how to get into an asana……

And no advertising….

If there is enough interest I can make a bulk order.


Update on Peter Sanson



Peter Sanson’s workshop registration is live and you can register for it here.

I do recommend registering early for this, especially if you prefer a specific start time, as this workshop will fill. It is something not to be missed, he is a special teacher and a real yogi.



Yogi needs Housemate

One of our yoga friends is in need of a housemate. Please pass the word if you know someone looking, it is for a room at Park Place (right opposite the studio).

Moon Day Wednesday August 17th

There is no morning mysore class that day. Enjoy the day of rest.

Sutra Discussion Group Sunday August 14

Dear Sutra Discussers,

We will be meeting on Sunday August 14 at 10:00 at Karen’s house, 336 W Dana St, 94041, until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

We plan to continue with Book 2 with sutras 2.5 to 2.9. To get the most out of the gathering, it is recommended to read a few translations and commentaries beforehand.

You can also listen to our previous discussions at the website.

Kirsten’s Kickstarter Project


It’s up, please support her:

Mysore classes in August

Believe it or not, Summer is almost over! Fortunately for us, Kirsten and Mitchell will stay with us another two days and will teach this Sunday, as well as Monday, August 1st.

After that the schedule will look as follows:

Tuesday, August 2 – Moon Day, no class
Wednesday, August 3 – Beata and Erez
Thursday, August 4 – Dave and Meghan
Friday, August 5 – Beata

Sunday, August 7 – Dave and Meghan
Monday, August 8 – Beata and Erez
Tuesday, August 9 – Philippe and Anne N.
Wednesday, August 10 – Beata and Erez
Thursday, August 11 – Philippe and Anne N.
Friday, August 12 – Beata

Anne should be back from Mysore and start teaching that Sunday, August 14 :).

Fiona’s blog

Fiona Walsh is traveling in India and she’s posting regularly here:



Theatre recommendation: Confederates

“Confederates” is playing at Lucie Stern in Palo Alto through August 7. Ken and I recommend it. It is a good, suspenseful, thought-provoking drama, appropriate for the presidential primary season.  TheatreWorks’ notes:

Father’s running for President. Daughter’s running wild. And the press is running out of time. With the campaign in full swing, someone unfurls a confederate flag and the scandal hits the fan. The provocative hit of TheatreWorks’ 2015 New Works Festival, this headline-hot political drama is a fresh, fascinating look at today’s muckraking media and the world it relentlessly pursues.

Moon Day Tuesday July 19th

Tuesday is the next moon day. Enjoy the rest.