Interesting article on squatting (hat tip Learning a Day):


According to osteopath and author Phillip Beach, the deep squat is one of a few “archetypal postures” that are not just good for us, but “deeply embedded into the way our bodies are built.” When you look at our evolutionary history, he’s not wrong—our ancient ancestors squatted for a very long time.

To be clear, we’re talking about a deep squat: feet flat, spine lengthened, and bum hovering above the floor. Those squats you do in CrossFit and Pilates aren’t the same thing. That partial, often weight-bearing squat is not one early hominids needed to perform. Walking a mile with wild game on their backs, and then resting in a deep squat by the fire? Sure. Doing repetitive partial squats while holding an antelope? Probs not.

In its natural form, the deep squat is a form of active rest. Hanging out in one briefly a few times a day helps provide the movement and compression that keeps our joints well lubricated with synovial fluid. Otherwise, the body basically doesn’t bother producing this fluid, and our joints dry up. In other words: Use it or lose it.

The deep squat is also about getting grounded. Experts including Beach say that “floor life”—which literally means getting close to the floor, much like you might do in your weekly yoga class—is a key to wellness. The practice creates a sense of physical embodiment that’s increasingly absent from our hyper-intellectualized, screen-dominated lives.

Holidays Schedule

Happy Merry Holidays Everyone!

As it is right now, there will be no Mysore classes from Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve, through Friday, December 29th.

There will be regular Mysore class on Sunday, December 31, New Years Eve.

We will have 108 Sun Salutation, 8-10am on Monday, January 1st.

There will be lighter schedule Christmas Week in general and you can check our up to date schedule here.

Thank you!

Petri’s Workshop

Most of you all know we have a workshop with Petri Räisänen in two weeks time, Friday December 1st to Sunday December 3rd. Many of you have already registered, however if you you still need to you can register for the workshop here.

If you are enrolled in one or more mysore sessions be on the lookout for an email from me Tuesday or Wednesday before the workshop on how we will organize.

See you all soon,


Fund-raiser for UndocuFund, Nov 12

Tapestry Suppers is organizing a fund-raiser next Sunday, Nov 12 for fire relief. Proceeds from the event benefit Undocufund, a disaster relief fund dedicated to helping the undocumented victims of the recent fires recover and rebuild their lives. An estimated 28,000 undocumented immigrants live and work in Sonoma County. They work in the farms and vineyards, clean the hotels, work in restaurant kitchens, build homes and provide childcare, among many other roles. Unlike other victims of the fires they don’t qualify for federal aid and are in need of all the help they can get.

This will be a potluck lunch held at Karen’s house on W Dana Street. We have a full list of potluck contributors at the moment so you can join us by purchasing a ticket on Eventbrite. Besides the food (and Stu’s chai on tap) we are holding a raffle where you stand to win prizes like a 2-week subscription to Sun Basket’s Classic Menu meal plan, tickets to catch TheaterWorks’ 2018 production, Finks, and delicious Fall/Winter produce from Fifth Crow Farm, among many others.  Check out the full list of raffle prizes and buy a ticket here.

Come join us for a fun meal for a good cause!