Yoga Content: What It Means To Be Advanced

What It Means To Be Advanced


Being advanced isn’t about curating a portfolio of impressive postures, or in the achievement of a bigger, better practice. Being advanced is an attitude, a spirit, a state of mind. It’s a willingness to be vulnerable—to see honestly the cause and effect of our actions in real time. Being advanced is about approaching the practice with the wonder and curiosity of a beginner. When our experience in a pose moves our soul, it can deepen our relationship to our practice, but also our life.


Hat tip Meghan

Sutra Discussion Group Sunday May 21

Dear Sutra Discussers,

We will be back with our monthly discussion on Sunday May 21 at 10:00 at Karen’s house, 336 W Dana St, 94041, until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

We plan to continue with sutra 2.18. This one is a bit heavy. From

That which we can see (dṛśyam) has the qualities of light (prakāśa), movement (kriyā) and stability (sthiti), and is composed (ātmakaṃ) of the elements (bhūta) and the senses (indriya). Its purpose (arthaṁ) is to give the Seer life experiences (bhoga) and help with spiritual transformation (apavarga).To get the most out of the gathering, it is recommended to read a few translations and commentaries beforehand.

You can also listen to our previous discussions at the website.

See some of you Sunday

Calvin’s Party Sat May 13th

This invitation is from Calvin:

YiY Garden Brunch: 10am-noon, Saturday May 13 at Calvin’s
YiY yogis and guests are welcome to join at my house this Saturday for a Saturday brunch event. I live at 518 Sierra Avenue, Mountain View (just a short walk from YiY). I’ll provide beverages and some brunch food, but would appreciate folks bringing additional dishes to share. Please RSVP, including the number of guests, to my email at I’m looking forward to the occasion. Calvin

Next week’s mysore —> Self Practice

Self practice will be happening in the place of regular mysore starting Sunday 5/7 and finishing Thur 5/11. Studio will be open at six with the exception of Sunday when the studio will open at 630 am. Studio may be open sooner during the week (530) , you can check with:

michael for Monday

Amy for Tue

Wed is moon day no class

Chloe for Thur.

We kindly request that you do not teach or adjust your neighbor unless they have asked you for an adjustment. That allows us to continue to have self practice, if we hear of otherwise it becomes a problem and we have to close on these weeks. Thanks guys and have a great week!



Carpooling to Stanford

There are folks that need a ride, there are folks that want to carpool. If you are interested leave your email here or chat with folks at the studio / leave your email there when you sign in. Then a plan will be open sourced.


Party this Sunday, May 7th 1/3 pm at the studio

YIY would like to invite all to a lunchtime gathering this Sunday at the studio, to celebrate the kickoff of Sharath’s workshop at Stanford. Timing is between 1 and 3 pm. All yiy yogis and Sharath workshop participants are welcome, but we do ask folks to Rsvp if possible to sabina at yogaisyouth dot com. Also let her know if you want to bring a dish to share. She actually would appreciate the help with cooking very much for those who care to cook. There will be some South Indian food and some potluck.

Please also be aware that this Sunday marks an art fair on Castro street. So plan to park and walk a bit to get to the studio that day.


Hope you are able to join us!


Anne, Sabina, Joseph, yiy

Yoga Content: Present Tense

The song Present Tense by Radiohead seems relevant to our practice:


[Verse 1]
This dance
This dance
Is like a weapon
Is like a weapon
Of self-defence
Of self-defence
Against the present
Against the present
The present tense
No I won’t get heavy
No don’t get heavy
Keep it light and
Keep it moving
I am doing
No harm
As my world
Comes crashing down
I’ll be dancing
Freaking out
Deaf, dumb, and blind

In you I’m lost
In you I’m lost

[Verse 2]
I won’t turn around
Or the penny drops
Won’t stop now
Won’t slack off
Or all this love
Will be in vain
To stop from falling
Down a mine
It’s no one’s business
But mine
Where all this love
Has been in vain

In you I’m lost
In you I’m lost
In you I’m lost
In you I’m lost


Present Tense has its roots as far back as 2009, when Thom performed it at the Latitude Festival. A favorite since then, fans have been waiting eagerly for a studio version and now have it.

The A Moon Shaped Pool version of the song is influenced by Brazilian Samba and bossanova music.

The chord progression, especially in the intro, is very reminiscent of a Jonny Greenwood piece he composed for the soundtrack to the film Norwegian Wood
The lyrics allude vaguely to the Buddhist notions of escaping from the present by being a threatening space, and allow the destruction of the inner world, by being blind, deaf and dumb (as the oriental image of the three monkeys blind, deaf and trying not to be present). It’s well known the affinity of this band with the tibetans.

The song was performed by Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke accompanied by a CR-78 for Paul Thomas Anderson’s camera as an official music video.